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The War on Drugs

    National Review, July '96: Abolish the Drug Laws? 400 Readers Give Their Views
    National Review, Feb '96: The War on Drugs is Dead
    Reason Magazine, 10/95:Gingrich's Tough Rhetoric Misses Mark on Drug Use
    Former High Court Judge Acknowledges Using Pot
    Inflexible Sentencing - Federal Prison Crowding
    Aunt Martha's Vice by John Wrisley
    Dr. Grinspoon in JAMA on Marihuana as Medicine (6/95)
    Police News, Spr '94:Judge Gray - Our Drug Laws Have Failed
    Police News, Spr '94: Views from the Front
    Rep. Hyde: Guilty Until Proven Innocent
    Mathea Falco: Treatment Breaks the Crime Cycle; Jail Doesn't
    How Alcohol Prohibition Was Ended
    Thomas Szasz: on Drug Prohibition
    Thomas Szasz: Our Right to Drugs
    NCADI Admits Drug Prohibition Intent is Racist
    William Buckley: Legalization of Marijuana Long Overdue
    William Buckley: Reefer Madness at the NY Bar Association
    William Buckley: The DEA Strikes Back!
    William Buckley: Normalizing Marijuana
    Virginia Postrel: Why Conservatives Can't Discuss Legalization
    Dr. Milton Friedman: The Same Mistake
    Times on Judge Gray, Legalization, No -- Policy Overhaul, Yes
    Dr. Grinspoon on Marijuana for AIDS Sufferers (NYT)
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