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American Federation of Teachers D.A.R.E. Point-Counterpoint, Oct. '99
Dare we admit it? Drug war is a bust with our children, Jan. '98
University of Kentucky: Project D.A.R.E.:
   No Effects At 10-Year Follow-Up

Executive Summary and links to entire paper
DARE Course Loses Backing in Some Cities
University of Kentucky: D.A.R.E. Not a Future Help
Truth or D.A.R.E.
The Dubious Drug-Education Program Takes New York, The Village Voice
Who Needs Evidence?
The Irrelevance of Evidence in the development of school-based drug prevention policy. D.M. Gorman, in Evaluation Review, feb. 1998
NYT Editorial on DARE
Boulder Police Drop DARE Program
Chief: It wasn't meeting students' needs  11/29/98 Boulder News-Camera
Salem-Keizer Schools Drop D.A.R.E. Program
Anti-Drug Program Cuts into Core Curriculum
Shampoo Maker Sues DARE
Playboy -- DARE Doesn't Work
Houston PD's DARE Assessed Program only marginally effective.
UIC Study: DARE Counterproductive
Just say so: D.A.R.E. doesn't work,
San Francisco Examiner, February, 17, 1999
Don't Just Say No
San Francisco Bay Guardian, August 5, 1998
'Just Say No' to Clinton's new anti-drug campaign
Oakland Tribune, July 16, 1998
Studies Indicate: Anti-drug Efforts Don't Stop Teens, Sacramento Bee, February 4, 1998
Rethinking the Drug War,
San Francisco Bay Guardian, January 8, 1997
Editorial: San Jose Mercury News,
November 13, 1995
Anti-Drug Programs Criticized,
L.A. Times, October 25, 1995
D.A.R.E. Could Lose Federal Funding
Labeled Ineffective - Dallas Morning News
Past and Future Directions of the D.A.R.E. Program  Research Triangle Institute, 9/94, Ringwalt & Greene
Shorewood Panel Urges Drop DARE Program is Ineffective -- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 22 Jun 1998
DARE Doesn't Work, Perspectives Magazine
D.A.R.E. Doesn't Work, Study Finds - 3/18/98
100 Years of "Just Say No" versus "Just Say Know":
Reevaluating Drug Education Goals for the Coming Century, Evaluation Review, February, 1998.
Students and Substances: Social Power in Drug Education,
Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis (EEPA), Spring, 1997.
Portland NORML DARE Collection
A Different Look at DARE (DRCNet Topics)
California Educator on D.A.R.E., April '97
D.A.R.E. Bullies T-Shirt Maker for Spoof
California Study Assails D.A.R.E. Program
Oakland Eliminates D.A.R.E. Program
D.A.R.E. doesn't work -- USA Today
An Evaluation of D.A.R.E.
Double DARE: Countering the Lies from D.A.R.E.

Alternatives to DARE

Center for Study of Prevention of Violence
The Lindesmith Center: Focus on Drug Education
Safety First, Reality-Based Drug Education Booklet by the Lindesmith Center
A Guide to Violence Prevention Strategies
Making the Grade: A Guide to School Drug Prevention Programs
Two Reviews:

Drug Education Program Resources

The Center for Educational Research and Development Joel Brown 1620 Belvedere Ave. Berkeley, CA 94127 510-559-8112

Jonathan Gray, MFCC 3529 Sacramento St. San Francisco, CA 94118 415-563-2333

The Harm Reduction Coalition
22 West 27th St.9th Floor
New York, NY 10001 212-213-6376

Mothers Against Misuse and Abuse
Sandee Burbank
2255 State Rd.,
Mosier, OR 97040

Risk and Drug Awareness Training A Program for Middle School Students
Lisa Director, Ph.D.
26 W. 9th St., Suite #9B
New York, NY 10011

TARC (Teaching Adolescents Responsible Choices)
Futures in Recovery, Inc.
3601 Taraval St.
San Francisco, CA 94116 (415) 753-6700

Xanthos, Inc.
Aya de Leon
1335 Park Ave.,
Alameda CA 94501

The Harm Reduction Coalition
"The Straight Dope"-- series of drug information brochures

Harm Reducation Training Institute
212-683-2334 x 32 "Calendar courses and individual training in harm reduction strategies"

Taking Drugs Seriously Healthwise
1st Floor Cavern Walks
8 Mathew Street
Liverpool L2 6RE
(0)151 227 4150

Australian Drug Foundation
409 King Street
West Melbourne, VIC 3003
03 9278 8100

The Centre for Education and Information on Drugs and Alcohol (CEIDA)

The Australian Professional Society on Alcohol & Other Drugs (APSAD)
C/- NDARC University of NSW Sydney NSW 2052
Tel.: +61 2 9399 7061


Nick Heather, Alex Wodak, Ethan A. Nadelmann and Pat O'Hare, Psychoactive Drugs & Harm Reduction: From Faith To Science , Whurr Publishers Limited April 1993

Zimmer, L. & Morgan, J., Marijuana Myths, Marijuana Facts: A Review of the Scientific Evidence, New York: The Lindesmith Center (1997).

Weil, A. and Rosen, W, From Chocolate to Morphine: Everything You Need to Know About Mind-Altering Drugs, Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co (1993).

Zinberg, N., Drug, Set, and Setting: The Basis for Controlled Intoxicant Use, New Haven: Yale University Press (1984).

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