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USA: Rough justice for women behind bars
Amnesty International - News Release - AMR 51/32/99 4 March 1999, The use of shackles on pregnant inmates is just one example of the cruelty and ill-treatment many women suffer in US jails and prisons, Amnesty International said today in a new report issued as part of its international campaign against human rights violations in the USA( United States of America. Rights for All. "Not part of my sentence" - Violations of the Human Rights of Women in Custody. AI Index: AMR 51/019/1999).

USA : New reports of children and women abused in correctional institutions
Amnesty International - News Release - AMR 51/72/98, 6 October 1998 - Findings from Amnesty International Research trip

Medical Neglect, Abuse Lie in Wait for State's Women Prisoners

New ACLU Report Debunks Workplace Urine Testing
Citing High Costs, Low Dividends, Junk Science

Newsweek, 9/99: The Drug War: How We Fight A Losing War

Human Rights Watch:Drugs And Human Rights
Efforts to curtail the trafficking, sale and consumption of illegal drugs continued to rely on excessive punishment, exacerbate prison overcrowding, distort criminal justice systems, and weaken protection of civil liberties. In countries with vastly different political, social and economic systems and traditions, anti-narcotic strategies included tactics inconsistent with human rights principles.

Drug War Invented by Nixonto Extend His Power

Marijuana and Medicine, Assessing the Science Base [full text] [Executive Summary]
Institute of Medicine, March, 1999

Drug Prohibition And Public Health, Journal Of The US Public Health Service

Ibogaine: Could an African Plant Help Drug Users Overcome Their Cravings?

Testimony of Alan Dershowitz on Police Perjury
U.S. House Judiciary Committee, Dec. 1, 1998

The Drug War Industrial Complex
High Times, April '98

The Drug War's Hidden Economic Agenda
The Nation, Mar 9, 1998

New Scientist Series on Marijuana, Feb '98

Commission On Police Integrity
Unique insights into some of the worst effects of drug prohibition

Reefer Madness by Eric Schlosser
The Atlantic Monthly, August 1994— Marijuana has not been de facto legalized, and the war on drugs is not just about cocaine and heroin. In fact, today, when we don't have enough jail cells for murderers, rapists, and other violent criminals, there may be more people in federal and state prisons for marijuana offenses than at any other time in U.S. history

The Prison-Industrial Complex, by Eric Schlosser
The Atlantic Monthly, December 1998— Correctional officials see danger in prison overcrowding. Others see opportunity. The nearly two million Americans behind bars -- the majority of them nonviolent offenders -- mean jobs for depressed regions and windfalls for profiteers

The Drug War: Financing the Far Right With Narcotics

Federal Judge Urges Truce in War on Drugs

Recovering Our Honour:
Why Policing Must Reject the "War on Drugs"

Medical Marijuana, Consumer Reports, May 97

Xtra! Media Enlisting in Gov't Crusade Against Marijuana

Marijuana Use and Mortality, Apr '97, Amer Public Health Assoc
The Drug War: Financing the Far Right With Narcotics
Southern Poverty law Center Intelligence Report, Fall '97
Reefer Madness -- The Federal Response
to California's Medical-Marijuana Law
New England Journal of Medicine: Legal Issues in Medicine August 7, 1997
Bugs, Taps and Infiltrators: What to Do About Political Spying
by Linda Lotz, American Friends Service Committee
Researchers Question Value of DARE's Scare Tactics
California Educator Magazine, April '97
RAND Study on Mandatory Minimums
National Institutes of Health Report on Medical utility of Marijuana, 2/20/97
NORML's Still Crazy After All These Years
Will Foster's Outrageous Sentence, Reason Mag
Liberty: Thomas Szasz on The Medical Marijuana Sell-out - 3/97
San Jose Mercury Breaks CIA-Cocaine Story
San Jose Mercury News Supports Legalization of Marijuana
Four Part Series November '95
New England Journal of Medicine on Medical Marijuana - 1/31/97

Ostrich File #5
Drug War-related articles from the current literature.
Four by John Gettman
Bush's War on Drugs - by Dan Check
New Scientist, 10/95: U.S. and Needle Exchange
L.A.Times, 10/95: Sentencing Study Sees Race Disparity
D.E.A. 's How to Hold Your Own in A Drug Legalization Debate
Schaf fer's Rebuttals to DEA's "How to Hold Your Own"
Costs of the War on Drugs
USA Today Debate: MEDICINAL MARIJUANA, 8/21/95
Newt Gingrich: Death to Smugglers
The Moral Culture of Drug Prohibition
Marijuana: Costly & Wasteful War
Todd McCormick & Marijuana Compassion Clubs
NYT: Big Brother Denies Medical Marijuana Works
What the Green Triangle Means
PRESUMED GUILTY, Pittsburgh Press, The Law's Victims in the War on Drugs
Per Capita Deaths by Drug
NHTSA: Drugs Not Big Danger on the Road
How Dangerous is Marijuana
How Drug Legalization Would Cut Crime
Collateral Casualties in the Drug War
12 Reasons to Legalize Drugs
ACLU Policy: Decriminalization of Drugs
ACLU Paper #19: Against Drug Prohibition
Botched Drug Raid Costs $2.75 Million Damages
Los Angeles County and "3 Strikes"
Anaheim Repeals Law Barring Former Drug Offenders From Parks
Harry Anslinger & the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937
Botched Raids & Collateral Casualties in the Drug War
Is Smoking Pot Good Medicine?
Barbara Ehrenreich: Kicking the Big One
The Myth of Marijuana's Gateway Effect
The Partnership: Hard Sell in the Drug War
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